Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wealth and Happiness

Our Sunday School lesson for today was from Ecclesiastes 2:5-10 and dealt with the meaning of wealth and happiness. Solomon was a selfish man for much of his life building gardens and acquiring harems, but nothing filled the void he had in his heart. He was missing something, his life was meaningless and without God his monetary wealth was nothing. As 20-somethings, sometimes it's difficult for us to separate our goals and objectives for adulthood from making money and having material possessions. It's important to remember the importance of God, family, and the blessings that may not produce a flat screen T.V. and a new car. As you go through this week check yourself for holes in your heart and remember the blessings you receive with God's love are the true measure of wealth.

P.S. During the sermon today a video was played that truly touched us. Here's the link:

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